More About My Art

Inspired by classic cartoons, films and film stars from the 40s, 50s and 60s, Belgian pop-artist, Gilbert Retsin, conveys classical themes of American pop-art and plays with various materials and form languages. .
His work is multi-layered, in every sense of the word. The foundation of his work is made up of his collection of old advertising posters and placards. He creates a collage of these and covers them with an acrylic texture, which is one of the artist's favourite materials. The work of art is finished off with a layer of wax, which he spreads across the pictures in a rather non-homogenous way and thereby giving it a feral touch of patina.

Born in 1951, Gilbert Retsin lives and works in Bruges. Originally he was trained in design, but for the past 20 years The artist has devoted his life to pop-art " The most fascinating aspects of American iconography are its typical character, its cultural pluralism, its freedom and optimism " he says ....

Source: Designspotter Köln


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