Born in 1951. Lives and works in Bruges. Participated in numerous group exhibitions or individual. Works in private collections in Belgium, France, Germany, Netherlands, Luxembourg, the United States. Graphic arts Retsin gave the basis for the practice of several techniques that will serve from 1980 to embark on making posters advertising, design, graphic design and advertising for fashion companies. Thus combining traditional painting and pictorial research and technology, he spent the late 80's to devote himself to develop his artistic outlook in 1992 and began his artistic career in itself.

In his paintings the high density images, targets, numbers, letters, drawing its mixture of images from the media, making collages from comic books, magazine clippings, advertising images, it forms the elements of style.
Continuing in this direction, both pictorial and research techniques are under development. This is acrylic, with its flexibility, collages by their decorative element which won its first favors. Also, it intends to redefine his artistic individualism. From 1998, he also carries paintings from posters, models of photographic film stars, pin-up. His themes are especially meeting the media culture, cinema advertising, The emphasis on the increasing influence of Americanism growing and popular culture. His paintings became more insistent, more displayed, simulating errors. Gradually his technique is that of "double painting". Once the painting is finished, it will scrape up to help achieve precise effects of composition and editing, thus obtaining the result corroded, eroded, he will call the "distressed"





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